Learn about the power of AI, Blockchain, Robotics, 3D printing, digital biology, crowd funding, Virtual reality, crypto currencies and many other exponential technologies.

Get access to world renowned entrepreneurs who teach the power and capability of exponential technologies

Dont wait for job-disruption - get ready for the future world of work! Stand a chance to be selected for an internship with xTech faculty members.

xTechInstitute. The South African branch launching in Johannesburg on Sandton on 10 December 2018!

While traditional education systems focus on academics, the world around us is changing rapidly. Dont get caught out in the future with an obsolete degree or certificate. xTech.Institute teaches practical application of exponential technologies like AI, Machine learning, Crypto, 3D printing, Robotics, Digital Biology, Nanotech, Big data, Virtual reality, Generative design.

Future leaders are exposed to world-renowned entrepreneurs in practical sessions, after which they are challenged to solve big societal problems by using that technology. And of course - that is the biggest opportunity of all - using exponential technology to serve billions of customers as a sustainable business. We call this IMPACT-INVESTMENT.

Our world renowned faculty members are experts at using exponential technologies to create exponential businesses.

World renowned and internationally acclaimed faculty members

xTech.Institute teaches a mindset of Exponential Thinking (TM) as opposed to a linear, academic mindset.

Our faculty teaches future leaders to see societal problems as opportunities to commercially solve.

Our aim is to make the world a better place, by empowering young minds with exponential technologies.

01 Annabel Dallamore
02 Abedingo Tau
03 Matt Marx
04 Timothy Willis
05 Matthew Adendorff
06 Angus Brown
07 Lorien Gamaroff
08 Steven Pinto
09 Gerald Neeves
10 Willem van der Post
11 Salim Ismail
Experiential learning
– Day 1
Decentralized digital collaboration
– 3 Weeks
Shark Tank
– Day 2

xTech.Institute NetworkPartners

xTech.Institute is creating an ecosystem of exponential partners that work together to future-proof our youth. We also help corporate clients through our Innovation Partnership Program - contact us for more information.